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So, my favorite podcast is The History of Rome which is about, well, the history of the Roman Empire. I'm listening to the whole thing for the umptenth time, and I just go to the part about Julius Caesar, and I had a BRILLIANT idea! How about keeping track of how each emperor died?

Does that sound fun? I think that sounds fun.


The Julio-Claudians

Julius Caesar. Assassinated on the floor of the Senate after.. about 10 years? I think.

Augustus. Died of old age/illness after a long rein. Technically only all the Emperors after Augustus are considered emperor, but I don't really care that Augustus and Julius Caesar aren't really for sure Emperor. This title was kinda vague at the time anyway.

Tiberius. Died of old age after a long rein. Was into some pretty horrible stuff especially toward the end.

Caligula. Assassinated after four years for being completely corrupt and fucking nuts. (don't let little kids read any stuff about him. It ain't child-friendly) Thought he was a god etc.

Claudius. A decent emperor who was assassinated by his fourth or fifth (I forget) wife who was also his niece.

Nero. The son of said wife. Committed suicide rather than being executed by his own guardsmen. Had his mother and sisters assassinated. Was so evil he is the 'beast' in Revelations.

The Year of the Four Emperors

Galba. Assassinated by Otho. He was popular when he first became Emperor but was soon hated by everyone due to his cruelty during his march to Rome. He then refused to pay the bonus he had promised his soldiers. Bad idea.

Otho. Committed suicide rather than fight Vitellius and divide the Empire through civil war.

Vitellius. Killed by Vespasian's men in the palace. Apparently spent a great deal of money on triumphs and other matters, and executed any money-lenders that came calling. Supposedly also executed people who named him heir to get their money as well, but that all sounds like revisionist history lol. The Romans were great at trashing people they didn't like.

All three ruled just months.

The Flavian Dynasty

Vespasian. The last of the The Emperors in the Year of the Four Emperors. Ruled nine and a half years before dying of old age. Not bad!

Titus. Vespasian's oldest son. Ruled about two and a half years before dying of an illness, possibly plague. Was a decent Emperor who ruled when Mt. Vesuvius blew up and destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum and spent much of his time on the throne dealing with that mess.

Dominican. Ruled 15 years. Was probably a better Emperor than he was given credit for, but he was hated by the Senate and eventually assassinated by a servant in his household.

The Five Good Emperors, aka the Nerva‚ÄďAntonine Dynasty

Nerva. Reigned for about two years. Died of old age. He is considered one of the "Five Good Emperors" primarily because of his choice of successor, Trajan.

Trajan. Reigned for a good 19 years. He was the emperor who ruled at Rome's greatest extent, the hight of the Roman Empire. Died of old age.

Hadrian. He probably wasn't Trajan's choice as a successor, but Trajan's wife was very fond of Hadrian. She made the right choice (unless you ask the Jews of course, they hate Hadrian worse than Hitler, and for understandable reasons). Reigned a long time, died of old age (well, actually congestive heart failure. Apparently his death was quite painful)

Antoine Pious. He was supposed to be a stop-gap emperor between Hadrian and Hadrian's chosen replacement, who was too young at the time of Hadrian's death to become emperor. However, he ended up living a very long time for the ancient world. He wasn't as brilliant as Hadrian or Trajan, but he continued their policies and as a result is one of the Five Good Emperors. Died of old age.

Totals thus far:

Assassination= 7
Old Age= 7
Illness (not related to Old Age) = 1
Suicide= 2

Grand Total= 17

Totals will be updated as more emperors are added.

More emperors will be added as I make my way through the podcast. This list will continue until A) The History of Rome is history, B) I stop listening to the podcast, or C) I get bored of making the list.

Backdated to keep it at the top.
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