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It's Earthquakes, so it's not a problem for me. I'll read the text and read the powerpoint when my prof posts it today. I reaaly need to clean the shithole that is my room, apparently the domestic rat that got in was not the only one! So I'm getting rid of a bunch of boxes of books to remove hiding places (which will make it easier for my ratter to do her job) and making sure my food is in rat-proof containers etc. This is what I get for living in a garage, I guess. It's also time to put the air conditioner away.

Also, I need to spend a couple hours practicing my Chinese... I'm not happy with my current competence, although it's a bit silly for me to measure myself against my classmate yesterday. She's fluent in Cantonese, so Mandarin wasn't much of a step for her like it is for me. She did really help me though.

Speaking of the domestic rat, I heard back from the rescuer she went to. Apparently she's getting along well with her other rats (not a surprise, if she was hanging out with wild rats) and is so skinny that she can feel the contents of her stomach when she eats. :( Apparently hanging out with wild rats didn't teach her how to find food. I'm glad I got her out, once the boxes are gone and my place is cleaned out I'm going to be setting out lethal rat traps and I'd feel bad if a domestic rat was killed. Hehe, that reminds me of the time when my sister's pet rat escaped and got into the crawlspace where rat poison had been set out. My parents had to rush him to the vet for treatment for rat poison. A rat being treated for rat poison. lol (btw, he was fine. it's actually doubtful that he ate any of it fortunately) Killing wild rats is fine for me, killing domestic ones isn't, oddly enough.

so, yeah. That's my life. Chinese class, Earthquakes class, and rats. Ug.
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This picture shows the evolution of hao. Hao is an adjective that means 'good', 'fine', 'it's settled', or 'okay'. It is represented by the characters 'woman' (left) and 'son'(right). For a scholar in ancient China having a wife and a son is a good thing, a sign of stability and symbol of filial piety. It is spoken with the third tone, in which your voice goes from mid-register, to low register, then back up to mid register. With the third tone it is important to keep it momentarily in your throat so people can discern its third-toneness.

Here is my pathetic attempt at hao.

I'm not sure which is worse, my photography skills or my writing.

In the lower left corner you can also see my attempt at Ni, which means you, and in the upper my attempt at remembering cursive. Which I failed at. lol


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