Aug. 27th, 2009 04:51 pm
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Apparently my computer is a total loss, so they're going to send me a new one. Probably not in time for PAX though. Thank God it was insured, so I'm not paying for a new one. My cat attacked my little plated lizard (see guy in icon) and ripped the hell out of his leg, but he's been recovering nicely. Said cat got to have 3 out of 4 legs stuck with various needles today, shots and being tested for FIV/FeLuk (negative) and will be having her girly bits removed next month. Oh, and I was pulled over for expired tags. Courtdate is Sep. 2 and I'm hoping to talk down the ticket.

This month has been pretty expensive, all things considered.
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I feel like I've regained a limb or something. Yay.

Um, they apparently replaced the LCD and baseplate, and a few other odds and ends. THey did NOT do anything to the messed up USB port, maybe they didn't notice it. I haven't plugged anything into it to see if it overloads and shuts down my computer, though, so I don't know if they fixed it some other way.

The screen is a bit wonky and all stretched out looking, but I think I can fix it by messing with the settings. I'm too lazy to do it at the moment, though.

While my computer was gone I fed my addiction by using the machines at the library (and 120 minutes doesn't seem like such a long time there) and reading Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon, which is so entertaining that I was only mildly relieved about 312 pages into it the plot arrived, or a little less then a quarter of the way into it. Dad would probably love it.
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Okay, so my lovely sister needed to use my computer yesterday, something about how the parent's computer was a piece of shit and wasn't letting her get on a certain site she needed for school. I let her borrow mine, and then remembered that switching between dialup and wi-fi does crazy, crazy things to my computer. I have no idea why. Even reseting all my defaults doesn't work. I think it's Eartlink's Outlook express, actually. When using the wi-fi I don't need it, but I do for dialup. I think when I try to go back to using the wi-fi Earthlink keeps trying to automatically hook up with whatever wi-fi signal is around, and not the one *I* want it to connect to. This results in my computer constantly kicking me off teh Internets until I figure out that Earthlink is trying to hook me up to the restraunt next to the book store, instead of the AT&T hotspot I want. I believe I'm probably banned from RoyalPanda by now. Or at least my computer is.

In other news, Ichigo my new ball python Is Not Pleased with pre-killed prey. Not At All. Yesterday I tried another warmed up defrosted rat pinky, this time scenting it with mouse poo, and the little brat sniffed it for six hours then went back to sleep. Since that was the second week I've had him with out eating, and since he's a baby (eight weeks old now) I had to get him a live mouse hopper today. A mouse hopper is an unweaned (but mobile and very cute) baby mouse. With soft white fur and a wiggly pink nose. That is now SNAKE FOOD. I felt so bad :(

Ichigo is going to get defrosted rat pinky next week again. We are going to be working on EATING PREKILLED, DAMMIT. I prefer to be keeping my snake food in the freezer, not a cage, thank you.


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