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I have the cold from hell, and it's crappy outside. The snow is still melting away, yesterday driving to my parents' house was like trying to drive up a slipNslid. Just awful. I have chains, but they didn't seem to do much, it's hard to get traction in slush.

Christmas was nice, Cousin David and his girlfriend came over. Sis cooked a goose (yum!), and I made wassail. I got lots of tea and mom found me some Noodler's ink for my fountain pen. I like this ink, it bonds with cellulose so that when you write on paper it won't bleed if the paper gets wet, and supposedly won't wash out with other stuff, which makes it harder for ID thieves to steal checks. Until it touches paper, though, it's water soluble, so if you get it on your clothing, fingers, etc it'll wash out. The ink came with a cheap clear plastic fountain pen, as well, which was nice since now I don't have to carry my favorite one around when I'm running around. If my purse got stolen I'd only lose the cheap one!

Anyways, I'm going to get a violin for myself off Craigslist. There's actually quite a few decent looking ones for about $200, maybe I should buy a couple and try selling one on ebay for more. (some of those violins are probably worth much more then $200, closer to 500- or eve $1000, that's not expensive by violin standards, but much more then what those folks are selling them for)

Anyways, other then trying to pick up a violin this weekend I'm not doing a damn thing until this cold from hell wears off. God, I hate this shit.


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