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Here is a list of stuff I have written.

First of all, my obligatory profile. Pretty much everything I post to LiveJournal except my original stuff is posted there as well. If you're looking for recs, especially for Naruto/Sasuke (or the other way around) and Kakashi/Iruka (likewise) check out my favorite stories.

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FYI: for people who are not familiar with backdating (ie my family), this post is dated 2030 so that it will appear at the top of my journal so that anyone looking for one of my stories can find them. My most recent post will be found underneath this one. Sorry for the confusion!

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I went to B&N yesterday looking for Bird by Bird, and found not only that but three new books by two of my favorite authors. A new Valdemar book and a book of three novellas by Mercedes Lackey (including a new Diana Tregard story!) and a new one by Sharon Shinn. Autobuys in other words.

I read the Valdemar book last night, and early morning hehe. It wasn't her best in that world, although not her worst.(By the Sword is probably her best Valdemar novel, the Owl Flight series by far her worst) I would say that it's about as good as Arrows of the Queen and seems to deal with some of the same issues... definitely a bit juvenile. But whatever, it's Valdemar! There are pretty white talking horses! Yay!

One funny thing, the main character is drafted to be on a team for a new game that's like part capture the flag, part polo, and part Crucible (BTW, Sis actually like the Crucible... the drill sergeants don't yell at you during it and are instead rather helpful. Oh, and one of Sis's battalion-mates did the whole thing on two broken feet). Anyway, the team captian? A rather spunky girl named Gennie. Who wanted to name the team 'Gennie's Gryphons'. And the team color is red.


Mercedes Lackey, I realize you are a massive Harry Potter fangirl, but really? REALLY?

At least Harry, Ron, and Hermione weren't there. Unless Pip is someone we're supposed to know.


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