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Here is a list of stuff I have written.

First of all, my obligatory profile. Pretty much everything I post to LiveJournal except my original stuff is posted there as well. If you're looking for recs, especially for Naruto/Sasuke (or the other way around) and Kakashi/Iruka (likewise) check out my favorite stories.


The Art of Coming Home
Rating, T (G, at least for now)
Characters: Naruto/Sasuke, Iruka, Itachi
Status: WIP
Summary: After final battle Sasuke deals with blindness, depression, grief, and the art of coming home.

The Leaves of Konoha
Rating, T+ (PG)
Characters: Itachi, Naruto
Status: Oneshot, Complete
Summary: Just prior to the Uchiha Massacre Itachi comforts Naruto after an assassination attempt.

Family Chapter One, Two
Rating: M (R) for gore in the second chapter.
Characters, Pairing: Sasuke/Naruto, OCs
Status: WIP, may be updated sporadically.
Summary: Post Series: "It wasn’t until later, after everything was done, did Sasuke even think to discover just what his brother had been doing with his life."


Rating: K (G)
Characters, Pairing: Byakuya/Yoruichi
Status: Oneshot, Complete
Summary: Yoruichi wants to play, too bad Byakuya is all grown up.

Rating: K
Characters, Pairing: Ichigo/Renjii (mild), Zangetsu, Hollow!Ichigo (off screen)
Status: Oneshot, Complete
Summary: Too Ichigo's horror his hollow gets a new hobby.

Bleach Crossovers

Snow, Falling Down
Rating: T
Characters: Hisana, Death
Status: Oneshot, Complete
Summary: Bleach X Neil Gaimen's Sandman. At the end of her second life Death came for Hisana. A choice must be made, and regret left behind. Can Hisana move on, and protect her sister?

Rating: T
Characters: Cast
Status: Abandoned
Summary: Bleach X Y-The Last Man. In Y-The Last Man (almost) all the men die, how would this effect Soul Society?

Witch Hunter Robin

Remodeling Lives
Rating: T+
Characters: Cast
Status: Abandoned, maybe :P
Summary: Post-series, Amon and Robin have to rebuild their lives.

Hope is a Thing with Feathers
Rating: T+
Characters: Maria, Toudou
Status: Abandoned...
Summary: Pre-series, Maria searches for Hope

Rating: M
Characters: Amon, Robin
Summary: Amon must keep a promise.

Fire Goddess
Rating: T
Characters: Amon, Robin
Status: Totally abandoned, I hate it so much.
Summary: Post-series, beyond that I don't care.

Living on Maui Time
Rating: G
Characters: Amon, Robin
Status: Abandoned
Summary: Amon and Robin live on Maui


My Best Friend
Rating: K
Characters: OCs (note: this is the norm for the Valdemar fandom due to the author's wishes)
Status: Oneshot, Complete
Summary: As a child I had an imaginary Best Friend, who turned out to be real.

Rating: M
Characters: OCs, Alberich, Talia
Status: WIP, updates very slowly
Summary: Being Haven's top assassin is hard, having a client double-cross you sucks. Trying to work with the Crown? Damn near impossible. Good thing that's what I'm good at.


Starlight (working title)
Rating M for chestbusting demons.
Status, WIP, kinda. I have a lot more I could post.
Summary, someone is smuggling demonlings into the Wall Cities. But why? And Whom?

You Know What They Say About Dwarves.
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Summery: Just a bit of family fiction.

Unfinished Crap:

Clickie clickie

Basically I uploaded everything that I had on my computer to Google Docs. Most of the stuff posted is unfinished/work in progress. Some of it is homework. That way when this computer dies it won't take out all my hard work. Feel free to read to comment if you like, but no stealing.

FYI: for people who are not familiar with backdating (ie my family), this post is dated 2030 so that it will appear at the top of my journal so that anyone looking for one of my stories can find them. My most recent post will be found underneath this one. Sorry for the confusion!


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