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Apparently I have an innerear infection. No symptoms other then extreme dizziness, like being hungover without the fun of the night-before. Posting from my regular computer is nausea-inducing, so I'm using my Andriod.

In other news we are now 2 for 3 in the catching feral cats department.

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i'm tired.

Jun. 22nd, 2010 08:39 pm
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Today I got up and ran 5k at 7:30 in the morning. Then I went to work on the Barlow St. House, shoveling out all the plaster I had knocked down the day before in the bathroom before attacking the walls again. There are two types of plaster on the plaster and lath walls, this really old crumbly type that looks like it's made from sand, plaster, and what I'm told is horse hair--no shit, the whole house is made of this stuff! and over the window they took out and blocked off is a much newer Plaster of Paris, which is rock hard and took much hammering to loosen up. We're going to replace the whole wall with drywall, the green anti-mildew stuff that's made for bathrooms. The window is going to stay a wall, me and Mom have decided that despite Dad's hints to the contrary we are not going to install a new window in the bathroom. It's his fault really, he bought this house, started tearing it apart, and then went on a three week vacation to fish for trilobites with NARG! Those who go on vacation in the middle of a remodel job get what they get, not get what they want.

In the afternoon Mom dropped me off at the Oak St. House to clean the deck and oven--not nearly as much work needs to be done as Barlow St., but Oak St. has a working shower and I was covered in mildewy plaster dust. After work we met up with some of Mom's friends at a bar so they could drink and knit at the same time, which is not nearly as exciting as you'd think it would be. The funnest person there was Andy, who's in his 90's and sharp as a tack, and who has probably talked us into letting him help out at Barlow St. I <3 Andy.

Keep in mind, yesterday I ripped apart this box-thing that was hiding the clawfoot tub! It was like thick plywood and ceramic tile and 2X4s and 1x4s and dryrot and mildew. And UGLY! I forgot to take a picture of it before ripping it out. I guess in the 70's clawfoot tubs went out of fashion so they tried to hide it, but the solution was worse then the problem. The tub at least appears to be in good condition, I can't wait to get it cleaned up.

Tomorrow is a day off for me, which I need. I've got my final dental appointment, and I need to call the Oregon Humane Society to see if I can rent some live traps for the feral cats at Barlow St. There are three gray and white ferals, about 6 months old, and they are completely wild. I want to catch them and take them to Bonnie Hays (Washington County's animal control small animal shelter) because they have completely ruined the back porch of the house, urinating on it so much that the smell has soaked into the plywood. I do feel bad about taking them to the pound, as they are ferals they will likely be put down. But there really is no choice, they are starving without the previous tenant to feed them, and it's only a matter of time before they get hit by a car or starve to death. I've gotten my hands on them several times, and they always manage to twist away, and now of course they won't let me get near them. So live trap it is.

Also, I plan to work on The Art of Coming Home tomorrow, I have the next chapter about 3/4 written between my notebook(s) and my computer.


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