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Here is a list of stuff I have written.

First of all, my obligatory profile. Pretty much everything I post to LiveJournal except my original stuff is posted there as well. If you're looking for recs, especially for Naruto/Sasuke (or the other way around) and Kakashi/Iruka (likewise) check out my favorite stories.

List 'o Stuff )

FYI: for people who are not familiar with backdating (ie my family), this post is dated 2030 so that it will appear at the top of my journal so that anyone looking for one of my stories can find them. My most recent post will be found underneath this one. Sorry for the confusion!

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Clickie clickie

Basically I uploaded everything that I had on my computer to Google Docs. Most of the stuff posted is unfinished/work in progress. Some of it is homework. That way when this computer dies it won't take out all my hard work. Feel free to read to comment if you like, but no stealing.
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I'm post from my phone so no links, maybe I'll edit them in later. But anyway. I really hate stories in which Naruto has no middle gears. You know, thise gears that tell you that, say, having sex with someone without their express permission is a Bad Thing. I just walked away from a 55 chapter story at chapter 46 because in it Naruto totally just raped a girl and didn't even have a fucking clue that maybe he had done something wrong. Oh yeah, he was a protagonist for this story. There were a lot of really borderline things in the story that I ignored because I wanted to find out what happened to the kid Sasuke (and his brother omg I said this story was borderline) had, but now? I don't care. When Sasuke starts looking like a model of sanity in your story despite seducing his brother to kill him and bearing his child, and having his personality disintegrate, something is seriously wrong.

Yeah. This was supposed to be one of those MegaDark stories, but there's such a thing as too dark, you know? It really felt like the author was throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. But there are other ways to make something Dark then have the 'hero' get so horny from fighting that he rapes a teammate and has no fucking clue had done anything wrong. I mean seriously. What the fuck.

I guess I should have listened to my gut instinct and walked away from the story when it was revealed that Kakashi had sex with Sasuke when he was 12. (BTW Biiiiig hypocrisy there: Naruto totally flipped his shit over that)


I totally meant to rant about something else as well, but now I can't remember what it was. Other then to ask how the hell The Great Lakes Myth Society could have put out such an aweful album after their first awesome one. WTF. The main reason I liked their first albulm is just how genuine it sounded, not polished to perfection. Too many artists these days make their beats perfect and tweak their music to the point that if you listen to them live they're almost unrecognizable from their recodings. But no, what made their first album awesome was completely stripped awy in the second. The violins in the first sound real, they don't in the second. I like violins and I listen for them, but I hate hate hate it when they are fakes.

i'm tired.

Jun. 22nd, 2010 08:39 pm
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Today I got up and ran 5k at 7:30 in the morning. Then I went to work on the Barlow St. House, shoveling out all the plaster I had knocked down the day before in the bathroom before attacking the walls again. There are two types of plaster on the plaster and lath walls, this really old crumbly type that looks like it's made from sand, plaster, and what I'm told is horse hair--no shit, the whole house is made of this stuff! and over the window they took out and blocked off is a much newer Plaster of Paris, which is rock hard and took much hammering to loosen up. We're going to replace the whole wall with drywall, the green anti-mildew stuff that's made for bathrooms. The window is going to stay a wall, me and Mom have decided that despite Dad's hints to the contrary we are not going to install a new window in the bathroom. It's his fault really, he bought this house, started tearing it apart, and then went on a three week vacation to fish for trilobites with NARG! Those who go on vacation in the middle of a remodel job get what they get, not get what they want.

In the afternoon Mom dropped me off at the Oak St. House to clean the deck and oven--not nearly as much work needs to be done as Barlow St., but Oak St. has a working shower and I was covered in mildewy plaster dust. After work we met up with some of Mom's friends at a bar so they could drink and knit at the same time, which is not nearly as exciting as you'd think it would be. The funnest person there was Andy, who's in his 90's and sharp as a tack, and who has probably talked us into letting him help out at Barlow St. I <3 Andy.

Keep in mind, yesterday I ripped apart this box-thing that was hiding the clawfoot tub! It was like thick plywood and ceramic tile and 2X4s and 1x4s and dryrot and mildew. And UGLY! I forgot to take a picture of it before ripping it out. I guess in the 70's clawfoot tubs went out of fashion so they tried to hide it, but the solution was worse then the problem. The tub at least appears to be in good condition, I can't wait to get it cleaned up.

Tomorrow is a day off for me, which I need. I've got my final dental appointment, and I need to call the Oregon Humane Society to see if I can rent some live traps for the feral cats at Barlow St. There are three gray and white ferals, about 6 months old, and they are completely wild. I want to catch them and take them to Bonnie Hays (Washington County's animal control small animal shelter) because they have completely ruined the back porch of the house, urinating on it so much that the smell has soaked into the plywood. I do feel bad about taking them to the pound, as they are ferals they will likely be put down. But there really is no choice, they are starving without the previous tenant to feed them, and it's only a matter of time before they get hit by a car or starve to death. I've gotten my hands on them several times, and they always manage to twist away, and now of course they won't let me get near them. So live trap it is.

Also, I plan to work on The Art of Coming Home tomorrow, I have the next chapter about 3/4 written between my notebook(s) and my computer.
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Fandom: Naruto
Characters/Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke, Iruka, Itachi
Rating: G, at least for now :)
Summary: After final battle Sasuke deals with blindness, depression, grief, and the art of coming home.

In the end, it was Iruka who brought him home. )
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Title: The Leaves of Konoha
Rating: T+
Genre: Gen/Angst
Characters: Itachi, Naruto
Word Count: 770
Warning: Unbetaed like whoa.
Disclaimer: Naruto ain’t mine, and I make no money from this story.
Summery: Just prior to the Uchiha Massacre Itachi comforts Naruto after an assassination attempt.

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I don't know if I should post this to [ profile] chuunin because it's from and OC's POV, which embarrasses me slightly. So I guess I'll post it here and see if anyone on my limited friendslist is interested in reading it.

First Chapter

There’s blood on the deck and blood in the rigging. )
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Title: Family
Fandom: Naruto
Characters/Pairing: Sasuke/Naruto, OCs
Word Count: 2584
Rating: General Audience
Summary: Post Series: "It wasn’t until later, after everything was done, did Sasuke even think to discover just what his brother had been doing with his life.

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Title: Family
Fandom: Naruto
Characters/Pairing: Sasuke/Naruto, OCs
Word Count: 2584
Rating: General Audience
Summary: Post Series: "It wasn’t until later, after everything was done, did Sasuke even think to discover just what his brother had been doing with his life.

Click here. )

Next Chapter.
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Or should I say "kitten".

It's actually a stuffed toy border collie that's roughly a quarter her size, and she carries it around like a kitten, moving it from nesting-site to nesting-site when she isn't killing it like a rat. It's covered in cat-slobber (bet you didn't know they slobber, well THEY DO) and it's now looking at me pathetically from the floor after she finished it killing it.

My ipod is dead, and I killed it. I can fix it, I have the parts, but I don't have a phillips screwdriver that's small enough. So I'm listening to the radio and while I like 94.7 FM I HATE HATE HATE the stupid don't smoke pot PSAs. I'm halfway tempted to go out and find some weed JUST SO I CAN SPITE THOSE PSAs! Did I mention that I hate them? I hate them. They're all POT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE which even I, who have never smoked ANYTHING in my entire life, know isn't true. Plenty of middle class people with nice jobs smoke pot. SO FUCKING THERE.

And yes, I did just finish my third beer for the evening.

And I'm going on a diet. And by diet I mean 'eat one meal a day'. If I have my meal in the late afternoon I don't actually eat more at that meal then I would normally, and I avoid eating other calories. I know I'm going to hear from someone about how "breakfast is the most important meal" or somesuch bullshit, but the fact is if I wait until about a four o'clock to have my first (and only, not counting the alcohol) meal of the day the result hunger-wise is the same... and no, I don't gorge. In fact I ended up throwing food away yesterday. If I keep this up hopefully I'll actually lose weight for once. When I was in Hawaii this is pretty much how I lost weight. Coffee in the morning (then, I can't drink it now), veggies at lunch, and a Real Meal at dinner, plus all the alcohol I could drink. I lost 30 lbs in six months and only gained it all back after I tried to have a "normal" diet. Bah. Fuck three meals a day. I DON'T FUCKING NEED THAT.

Oh, and fic recs for Naruto:

Embracing Dreams AU that takes place in the X-man universe. Yeah, think that one through. Everybody's more fucked up then usual, and it's fucking awesome. Naruto/Sasuke, Kakashi/Iruka (this seems to be a common default ship for the fandom, basically if Kakashi isn't being shipped with anyone else you can assume he's being shipped with Iruka. Hi-fucking-larious)

Disadvantaged Children Another AU, and WOW is Naruto (and everyone else) really screwed up. Basically what would happen if this whole thing had taken place in this universe and if Iruka had intervened much later in Naruto's life. I was fucking crying at points.

Conviction Post-series. Sasuke/Naruto. Just fucking read it. It's awesome.

Oranges AU? If I say more I might spoil it. Short but sweet.
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Okay, so I got a bunch of stories just sitting around, doing nothing. I'm not working on them, but I feel bad about never showing my stuff to anyone either. So I'm going to start posting the stories that have stalled and see what other people think.

Y-The Last Man/Bleach Cross Over )
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Characters:Hisana, Death, Byakuya, Rukia, Sode no Shirayuki
Rating: PG, mild swearing
Genre: [Bleach X Neil Gaiman's Sandman CROSSOVER]
Summery:At the end of her second life Death came for Hisana. A choice must be made, and regret left behind. Can Hisana move on, and protect her sister?

Disclaimer: Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo. Sandman is owned by DC and created by Neil Gaiman. This is a fanwork created for my own amusement and no money has been or will be made by the publishing of this work.

While her heart was full of frozen regret, Death came for Hisana. )
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Uh, I decided to get off my ass and start finishing some of the many, many stories I'm working on. Here's a shorty I wrote.

Title: Tag
Characters/Pairings: Byakuya/Yoruichi, mentions of Byakuya/Hisana
Rating: G
Word Count: 1912
Summary: Yoruichi wants to play, but Byakuya's grown up a little too much...

Disclaimer: Bleach and it's characters and plot belong to Tito Kibo and no money has been or will be made in the production of this fan-made story. I don't own it gais, and never will. Ah, well... A girl can dream.

The kenseikan taunted her as Yoruichi stalked her prey )
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Title: Yarn.
Universe: Bleach
Genre: Crackfic
Pairing, Characters: mild Ichigo/Renji, Zangetsu, Rukia, and Hichigo (off screen)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1441
Summery: Hichigo gets a new hobby.
A/N: Loosely inspired by Akuni’s Covenant. It occurred to me that so many of Ichigo’s problems could have been solved if only Hichigo had a non-killing-people hobby.

The biggest problem Ichigo had )
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As some of you know, when I used the Internet I go to my local Barnes and Noble because I can get wi-fi for a grand total of $19.99/month. I've gotten to know some of the other regulars here fairly well.

Right now I'm sitting next to a guy I call Gun Guy. Gun Guy is a white male in his forties who shows up about once or twice a week, sits down on one of the comfy chairs, and reads through a pile of hunting, gun, and mercenary magazines and books. (Bet you didn't know there were magazines for mercenaries. Yeah, I didn't know either, until I started noticing Gun Guy reading them). He never buys them, just leaves them in a pile beside whatever chair he's sitting in.


In other news, I found one of my plated lizards dead this morning. The guys I keep (pictured in my icon) are native to Madagascar, and are the smallest species of plated lizard. I don't know if I'm going to replace her, or if I'm going to wait for the male to die, then get something else in that cage. Whatever, I had her for about three years, and she was full grown when I adopted her, so I don't know how old she was. It must have been fairly quick, because just three days ago she was pursuing crickets with wild abandon. I feel weird because while I'm not exactly emotionally attached to them, not like I am to my iguana or one of my birds, because of my pseudonym I feel that they are part of my identity, somehow. It's a very strange feeling, needless to say.

I've been writing again, working on the WWII-era Bleach fic involving Rukia, Kaien, Miyako, Byakuya, and Hitsugaya, plus lots and lots of minor characters. It takes place during the Japanese invasion of Naking, and if you know anything about that you probably are currently thinking I'm crazy. Maybe I am. Heh. It's kinda epic.
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Hah. Still no good night's resting for me, I guess. Two nights ago I fell asleep at the incredibly early hour of 12am, woke up at four am, fell back to sleep at 7am, woke up at 2:30pm. Good thing I didn't have to work. Last night I went to bed at 12, fell asleep around 3 or 4, woke up at seven am, and got up at eight.

And I don't know why.

The thing is, I've had problems sleeping in the past, but it was always, ALWAYS related to stress. This time around? Not so much. I just... can't sleep. It's really, really weird. Part of the problem might be the weather, it's been one storm-front after another through here (not bad, just rainy for the first time in a bit, and differences in air pressure). The nasty weather is also keeping me from walking my usual two miles, so that might be related as well. Tonight I'm going to get some over the counter sleep aids and try again. I hate those things with a passion, by the way. They always leave me feeling stoned the next day, but at this point I'll do anything to get some sleep.

Part of the problem is that I seem to be obsessing, in a weird way, about Byakuya from Bleach. Specifically his relationship with Hisana and Rukia. I've written, like, three different stories about how he and Hisana met, each one getting progressively more angsty. I figure there had to be something really special about her (at least to him) for them to even meet, and it... uh... well. Hmmm. I don't know what I want to say about them. Just that their relationship(s) are really, really sad and stuff. A weird thing to be obsessing about, and I hope to god that it doesn't mean that developing Mom's Obsessive/Compulsive problem, heh. I'm hoping that I'm just spending hours and hours writing shit about them simply because when I'm wide awake at 3am I'm also bored as hell.
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Yes, I do listen to the Shins. I live near Portland, so it is required. Them and the Decemberists.

Last night was, for some reason, really craptacular. Occasionally I go through fits of insomnia, usually stress-induced, but sometimes it just pops up with me actually having any stress to trigger it. Like last night. I didn't even start feeling tired until 3am (which is a great big HUGE warning sign I completely forgot about), and when I finally looked at the clock and thought Hmmm, maybe I should to be trying to sleep, me! and actually put myself to bed, I couldn't fall asleep. Finally, at about 4 am I got up and went for a walk, and oddly, weirdly, kept wanting to throw up. I actually felt drunk, and not in a good way, despite the fact that I ran out of alcohol a week before. Fatigue poisons, probably.

I tend to drink a lot of tea, which probably doesn't help. The tea I drank before bed, though, was Lotus Acien, which is a green Vietnamese tea and should have been fairly low in caffeine. I'm not too fond of herbal teas, but I think I will be switching to Really Low caffeine teas or try to find some herbals that I like for evening drinking.

Naturally this just gives me more excuses to order teas from the Tao of Tea. Yes folks, I am such a tea-geek I order it. Online, no less.

Went to bed at five in the morning. Woke up at one in the afternoon. I feel like I'm turning into a fucking vampire. I would have slept in more, but the birds were screaming at me and the iguana wanted Food, and by the time I had everybody fed and cleaned up after I was well and truly awake.

The Boston Globe has a nice article about fanfiction It's nice because it's actually balanced and not at all 'look at what those weird geeks are doing.' What has me really squeeing, though, is the fact that Naomi Novik's Temeraire series (it's basically about what would happen if there were dragons during Waterloo and Napoleon's invasion of Europe, and it fucking rocks. I want a dragon like Temeraire!) got purchased by Peter Jackson (well, the movie rights). It would be so fucking cool if it became a movie, or a series of movies.


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