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I'm going to take Writing 122 next term, and I feeling petty and shallow as to my reasons. I need the class, yes. There is no question about that, so taking it next term is a good idea. That's not why I'm being shallow.

I'm being shallow because the class I want to take is being taught by Caroline Le Guin. Daughter of Ursula Le Guin.

I've never read anything by Caroline before, although perhaps I should. I like her mother's stuff well enough, although I have by no means read everything. I just feel... I dunno. Reflected hero-worship? It's stupid anyways, but if I don't take a class from her I will probably kick myself forever. Maybe she'll get her mom to come in and give us a lecture one day! (probably not, but I can hope)

In other news I can sign up for Winter Term starting Friday, and this time I will be on the ball and online signing up for the classes I want at seven AM on the dot. I am only going to sign up for two challenging classes (WR 122 will be one) and an interesting but not too challenging class (Chinese Literature maybe? It's being taught by my favorite teacher!) and one, maybe two fitness classes since I've been slacking off.

Not sure what my other classes should be. I decided that I really am not cut out for the sciences. I really don't like all the math and feeling stupid all the time. I like science but recreationally, that is, I like going out with Dad to find rocks and I like fossils and things like that, but I don't like figuring out who gets the fucking electron and what the wavelengths different colors of light are mathematically and how they interact with atoms BECAUSE I DON'T FUCKING CARE OMG and the last thing I want to do is spend six terms on this stuff. So English Major it is, even if I NEVER get a job as an English Major and instead do something else.
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Normally if I get stuck on a problem I can go back to the textbook and figure out WTF I'm doing. But Connally, Hughes-Hallett and Gleason, et al are FUCKING SADISTIC BASTARDS and wrote textbook with great (read: hard) problems and fucking useless chapters to explain how to do those fucking problems. Thank GOD I have a good teacher, if I had to rely on the textbook I'd be slitting my wrists instead of getting a C (or maybe B, midterm is now Monday so I won't know until then).

Also, I discovered that I apparently didn't pass my last math class, Math 95, which was ALSO was about five years ago. This may or may not be related. (yet they let me into Math 111c. I suspect gremlins. Or me possibly having to take a math placement test that I don't remember). I'm actually pretty good at the algebra, as long as my mathlexia doesn't make me mix up the numbers and go dur dur dur when I realize I put the wrong equation in a problem. IN PROBLEM #3 f(x)= x-5 NOT x^2+2 THAT IS #2 GODDAMNIT NOW I HAVE TO REDO (a)(b)(c)(d) FUCK THAT So I'm not going to fail this class. Just not... do as well I would wish.

Annnnd I have decided that I want to get a degree is some sort of Biology field. I could go to PSU and only have to take 2 Statistics courses, BUT OSU, which has a bigger and better Biology program (including the Mark Hatfield Marine Science Center, a forestry program, microbiology, agriculture dept etc etc, whereas PSU seems to be geared toward teaching degrees) REQUIRES Calculus. (PSU will also accept Calculus) So I'd have to take 112 next term (which uses this same textbook ARRGGGHHHH) and then TWO MORE MATH CLASSES AND I AM NOT A MATH PERSON

In other news next term I am taking the first half of A Survey of English Literature because I have a major crush on like the teacher. Also I need Writing 122 (I, uh, failed that six years ago because the teacher pissed me off). And guess what! My favorite teacher teaches that one TOOO! I shall have him for TWO classes next term! my stalking him is not creepy because I am 30, so teacher/student would be merely unethical, not horrible. Although maybe I should put my writing class off another term so I can have THREE TERMS with him? IDK. he's probably married or gay with my luck

Also next term: my first science class since high school. Chemistry 211. I was going to take a Biology class too, but I decided not to overload my brain.

Also I found out that for a mere $12 a term I can have access to the college's gym during Rec time. INCLUDING THE MOTHERFUCKING POOL FUCK YEAH. In other news I am going swimming tomorrow.


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