Aug. 27th, 2009 04:51 pm
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Apparently my computer is a total loss, so they're going to send me a new one. Probably not in time for PAX though. Thank God it was insured, so I'm not paying for a new one. My cat attacked my little plated lizard (see guy in icon) and ripped the hell out of his leg, but he's been recovering nicely. Said cat got to have 3 out of 4 legs stuck with various needles today, shots and being tested for FIV/FeLuk (negative) and will be having her girly bits removed next month. Oh, and I was pulled over for expired tags. Courtdate is Sep. 2 and I'm hoping to talk down the ticket.

This month has been pretty expensive, all things considered.
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I guess the neighbors got their connection fixed? I shouldn't complain, since I'm in their connection, stealin' their bandwidth. lulz

In other news, me and Sis went to the Reptile Expo and I was Strong and didn't buy any new pets. I got a new UVB mercury vapor light for Radar, and some new little buggsies for the dart frogs and moar fruit fly food BUT THAT'S IT! THIS DESPITE THE FATASS BEARDIES CALLING MY NAME! I DON'T HEAR YOU! *plugs ears*

I talked to the guy at Driftwood Frogs (where I got my setup and froggies last time) and he said that the reason my frog tank is EXPLODING with plants is due to the fertilizer from the frogs. I believe it. I have to trim that thing back every month--speaking of which, it's due.

It has also been fucking HOT here, up around 100*F! That's fucking hot for Portland. It's supposed to go down to the 90's tomorrow, and then further down to the 60's sometime next week. We're expecting rain. That's western Oregon for you!

I GOTS A PS3! Yes, I have read the reviews and heard the moaning and bitching, BUT I AM OPTIMISTIC! I even bought it used from Gamestop, so if it busts it better do it with in the next 30 days. I bought Jericho to go with it, and my sister takes one look at the game (which is extremely gory I have to say) and said First Person Shooter, WTF? And needless to say I ran into many a wall and got killed before the first boss battle by some of the enemy's grunts. For someone who's never played a video game before I think I did pretty good, though.

BTW, Sis is becoming a Twilight Lolfan. AND I even saw her reading Fandom Wank when I visited, so I think I'm finally turning her into a little wanka. *sniffs and wipes tear* I'm so proud!
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As some of you know, when I used the Internet I go to my local Barnes and Noble because I can get wi-fi for a grand total of $19.99/month. I've gotten to know some of the other regulars here fairly well.

Right now I'm sitting next to a guy I call Gun Guy. Gun Guy is a white male in his forties who shows up about once or twice a week, sits down on one of the comfy chairs, and reads through a pile of hunting, gun, and mercenary magazines and books. (Bet you didn't know there were magazines for mercenaries. Yeah, I didn't know either, until I started noticing Gun Guy reading them). He never buys them, just leaves them in a pile beside whatever chair he's sitting in.


In other news, I found one of my plated lizards dead this morning. The guys I keep (pictured in my icon) are native to Madagascar, and are the smallest species of plated lizard. I don't know if I'm going to replace her, or if I'm going to wait for the male to die, then get something else in that cage. Whatever, I had her for about three years, and she was full grown when I adopted her, so I don't know how old she was. It must have been fairly quick, because just three days ago she was pursuing crickets with wild abandon. I feel weird because while I'm not exactly emotionally attached to them, not like I am to my iguana or one of my birds, because of my pseudonym I feel that they are part of my identity, somehow. It's a very strange feeling, needless to say.

I've been writing again, working on the WWII-era Bleach fic involving Rukia, Kaien, Miyako, Byakuya, and Hitsugaya, plus lots and lots of minor characters. It takes place during the Japanese invasion of Naking, and if you know anything about that you probably are currently thinking I'm crazy. Maybe I am. Heh. It's kinda epic.


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