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I figured out what Ichigo's problem is. No, not the anime guy (he's just terrified of boobies. If Aizen wants to kill him he needs to send an arrancar with a nice rack against him and have her strip mid-fight. Ichigo would drop ded of boobphobia). I mean the other guy I've been posting obsessively about. My baby ball python.

Anyways, as per my last post I was having trouble getting him to eat as he seemed to be having difficulty zeroing in on non-living food. So when I went to get some new crickets for the yet-to-be-named chameleon (odd how some of my pets get names right away, and others that I've had for awhile are nameless), I asked the owner of the House of Reptiles (nice place, if you live in the Portland area and have reptiles I totally recommend them, they as so helpful and knowledgeable!) to give me some dirt mouse betting. I also broke down and bought a pair of feeding tongs, which I feel silly about because I'm not afraid of being bit by him. I put some in Ichigo's cage a couple hours before I fed him, then when I was ready warmed his mouse up in warm water, then scented it with the mouse bedding and did the Happy Mouse Dance holding the ded mouse the the tongs. He sniffed for a couple of seconds, then struck right away! And then ate it. I was so happy. I'm not sure what worked, the mouse bedding or the tongs. The mouse bedding got him ready for fud, obviously, and the tongs put some space between my hand and the mouse, thus giving him a clearer 'view' of the heat source. Before he either didn't realize there was food there because he couldn't smell it, or got confused by this Giant Hand Of Doom waiving a ded mouse around in his face. I don't think I'll ever know.


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