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Fall Term start today, and I think I was so excited last night that I had a hard time falling asleep...then staying asleep...and for the first time in months my cat insisted on sleeping with me... I think I got about 3 hours of sleep all told.

And then this morning I did my p90X (back, shoulders, and biceps). So, an hour lifting weights. Then I went to school and bought my books and hauled the ones I don't need out to the car today. I think altogether they weighed well over 50lbs since I'm taking Bio and Chemo this term.

In other news, my dad found what looks like a seed, possibly from a palm tree, in a concretion that was from a Jurassic era deposit that he collected. It has a hard outer shell and several membranes and layers on the inside, a bit like a hazel nut (although definitely not a hazel, those types of trees show up muuuuch later). This is kind of exciting, seeds and nuts are from flowering trees, which supposedly don't appear until the Cretaceous. The folks at NARG were very exited when he showed it to them. He's going to send it off to a couple paleobotonists for a solid ID. He's been pulling up all sorts of interesting finds in the area he found the concretion, including a chunk of carbonized (but not mineralized) Norfork Pine/Cedar (no way to tell for sure which it is) which is one the oldest plant fossils found in the State of Oregon. The seed was found with a bunch of driftwood, so where it originally grew is anybody's guess.


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