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So, I live in an apartment above my parents' garage. This means that occasionally I get rodents. Fortunately I have a cat who is an awesome ratter so this isn't usually an issue. Usually.

Recently I came back from a camping trip to find that my bread had been chewed on. I tossed it, annoyed, and yelled at my cat for not doing her job. She gave me her usual wtf look and went back to sleep, totally unimpressed. The next day a dead rat appeared on the floor, partially eaten, and I thought that was it... for about five minutes when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. 'Oh shit' I thought as it scampered off. 'TWO of them?'. Admittedly I'm not the best house keeper and I have people and pet food up here. An infestation could be bad. As I started ripping apart my room trying to eliminate attractants I spotted the rat again.

It was a black-hooded rat.

Black hooded rats, for people who don't know, are domesticated rats. In other words, this was a former pet rat who had found its way to my place. I live across the street from a park and people are always dumping pets there, so I can only assume that's where it came from.

At this point I had a real situation on my hands.

Part of the problem is my attitude toward rats. Pet rats, as in from a pet store, are fun cute critters. I had them as pets as a kid. Wild rats, on the other hand, are horrible little monsters that all need to diaf. It's not logical, I know, but that's the way I feel. So now I had a pet rat living in my place like a wild rat. It was grossing me out, but I also felt I had a responsibility toward it because it was domesticated. I was afraid to catch it because I didn't want to be bitten (do rat carry rabis? I'm pretty sure they can catch it)

Unlike previous rats this one made little effort to hid itself, it was active all day long. Besides its coloring that behavior is what told me it was a pet rat, as they don't show anywhere near the amount of shyness toward humans that wild rats do. Over the course of the next few days my cat made numerous efforts to kill it, but for some reason she was never able to finish the kill, unlike previous rats. I'm not sure why, but maybe the rat's coloring put her off, or the rat understood cat behavior better or something.

Anyway, yesterday I got tired of the situation and put out a call on Craigslist for help. A lady who runs a rat rescue emailed me, and after I finally managed to get the rat into a pet crate I took it to her. She picked up the rat and lo and behold it was tame, if scared. It didn't bite her or anything, and settled down once it realized that she was not going to let it runaway. The rat was very skinny, possibly because it didn't know how to find food on its own, and had an eye filled with blood possibly from my cat, but other wise looked fine. So yay, one life saved, and it's no longer my problem.

So, that was my good deed for the week. Next post, practicing Chinese.
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My God, the pet section of Portland Craigslist is full of WTF today.

Special Baby wallaby for adoption

hermaphrodite cat named PIG needs home
This one gets me, they're getting rid of the cat because they have a second baby on the way and money is tight. Cats do not cost that much to care for! Even when they are fed premium food. Once they are fixed (which doesn't sound like a problem in this case) they're pretty cheap. People who get rid of pets because they're having a baby piss me off.

and oh yeah, they're advertising him a Craigslist, how much you want to bet he'll go to a weirdo?

I'm going to give this rabbit about two weeks before it's dumped beside a busy road.
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If by 'mighty hunter' you mean my cat, and by 'slain her prey' you mean random bits of hemlock (the tree, not the poison).

So far she's dragged in three leaves, pieces, whatever, and spent some time killing and dismembering each one, before trying to eat it. The expression on her face is priceless, CLEARLY she is thinking that because she killed it it should be eatable, and she's mystified as to why it isn't. And then she goes back for more.

I can't wait until the rosebushes really get going. Thorny leaves on the floor, yay.


Aug. 27th, 2009 04:51 pm
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Apparently my computer is a total loss, so they're going to send me a new one. Probably not in time for PAX though. Thank God it was insured, so I'm not paying for a new one. My cat attacked my little plated lizard (see guy in icon) and ripped the hell out of his leg, but he's been recovering nicely. Said cat got to have 3 out of 4 legs stuck with various needles today, shots and being tested for FIV/FeLuk (negative) and will be having her girly bits removed next month. Oh, and I was pulled over for expired tags. Courtdate is Sep. 2 and I'm hoping to talk down the ticket.

This month has been pretty expensive, all things considered.
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Birdi has congestive heart failure, which I've known about for a while. My vet recommened Hawthorne Berry Extract, and if this works I'll be seeing results in a day or to. He is very short of breath, but otherwise at good weight etc. If this works I'll probably order it online since it cost almost $30 at the vet for 1/2 oz, but I found a supplier who sells it for $40 (pluse $7 shipping) for 8oz. I have to get the non-alcohol kind because alcohol is Really Bad for birds.

The congestive heart failure is apparently caused by a chronic protozoa infection that he's had probably all his life. Apparently this damages their heart and over time it fails. Which is weird. And I'm probably a bit drunk.

The cat appears to be fine, even if her fur is a bit gunked up still. I haven't bathed her although I did get some shampoo for her. She seems clingy, but I suppose falling out of a second story window will do that to you. She's not hurt though.

The parakeet's fine. Apparently they sometimes have a hard time with the first egg until they get everything sorted out, and she's five years old, which is kinda old to start laying. Extra calcium and everything will be okay.

Freak out.

Jun. 19th, 2009 03:57 pm
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So I just came home to find that the screen on one of my windows had fallen out AND MY CAT HAD TAKEN A TWO STORY PLUNGE! ONTO CONCRETE! She was cowering under the neighbor's pickup, meowing pitifully. She looks okay, which is good since this week I've had to take my parakeet to the vet for eggbinding and I'm about to leave to take one of my cockatiels to the vet for a regular old-bird checkup. The last thing I need is to have to take my cat to the vet for a broken leg.

She does have some weird guck on her back, probably from hiding under the truck. I don't know what it is. I'll probably have to give her a bath later.

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Or should I say "kitten".

It's actually a stuffed toy border collie that's roughly a quarter her size, and she carries it around like a kitten, moving it from nesting-site to nesting-site when she isn't killing it like a rat. It's covered in cat-slobber (bet you didn't know they slobber, well THEY DO) and it's now looking at me pathetically from the floor after she finished it killing it.

My ipod is dead, and I killed it. I can fix it, I have the parts, but I don't have a phillips screwdriver that's small enough. So I'm listening to the radio and while I like 94.7 FM I HATE HATE HATE the stupid don't smoke pot PSAs. I'm halfway tempted to go out and find some weed JUST SO I CAN SPITE THOSE PSAs! Did I mention that I hate them? I hate them. They're all POT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE which even I, who have never smoked ANYTHING in my entire life, know isn't true. Plenty of middle class people with nice jobs smoke pot. SO FUCKING THERE.

And yes, I did just finish my third beer for the evening.

And I'm going on a diet. And by diet I mean 'eat one meal a day'. If I have my meal in the late afternoon I don't actually eat more at that meal then I would normally, and I avoid eating other calories. I know I'm going to hear from someone about how "breakfast is the most important meal" or somesuch bullshit, but the fact is if I wait until about a four o'clock to have my first (and only, not counting the alcohol) meal of the day the result hunger-wise is the same... and no, I don't gorge. In fact I ended up throwing food away yesterday. If I keep this up hopefully I'll actually lose weight for once. When I was in Hawaii this is pretty much how I lost weight. Coffee in the morning (then, I can't drink it now), veggies at lunch, and a Real Meal at dinner, plus all the alcohol I could drink. I lost 30 lbs in six months and only gained it all back after I tried to have a "normal" diet. Bah. Fuck three meals a day. I DON'T FUCKING NEED THAT.

Oh, and fic recs for Naruto:

Embracing Dreams AU that takes place in the X-man universe. Yeah, think that one through. Everybody's more fucked up then usual, and it's fucking awesome. Naruto/Sasuke, Kakashi/Iruka (this seems to be a common default ship for the fandom, basically if Kakashi isn't being shipped with anyone else you can assume he's being shipped with Iruka. Hi-fucking-larious)

Disadvantaged Children Another AU, and WOW is Naruto (and everyone else) really screwed up. Basically what would happen if this whole thing had taken place in this universe and if Iruka had intervened much later in Naruto's life. I was fucking crying at points.

Conviction Post-series. Sasuke/Naruto. Just fucking read it. It's awesome.

Oranges AU? If I say more I might spoil it. Short but sweet.
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because my 'boy' cat just went into heat.

The good news is that I'm leaving tomorrow for Thanksgiving in Seattle with the relatives. So until Sunday I don't have to deal with it.The other good news is that she's obviously not pregnant. The bad news is I have a cat who is trying to have sex with me.


First thing I do when I get back, find a vet that'll spay a cat that's in heat. Hopefully the pet sitter won't accidentally let her out. (said pet sitter is a vet tech, so there is hope)
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Which I'm sure surprises the hell out of [ profile] misora.

Anyways, my new kitty was making these pawing motions on the carpet, as if trying to dig a hole. At first I thought it was cute if puzzling, and then it occured to me as he made a plaintive little meow at me that maybe he wanted his litter changed. And indeed, his litter did need to be changed. So I changed it, put the pan on the floor and before I could refill it he hopped in and peed. In an empty litter pan. And then became very puzzled when he couldn't bury it.

I poured fresh stuff on top, and he went nuts. Kitty litter is now scattered across my kitchen.

If I were smart I would potty train my cat.


Nov. 10th, 2008 07:46 pm
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Okay, so I'm really, really far behind this year. But, here's what I got so far. Warning. Tea Shops. And chest-bursting demons at some point in the future.

My Nanowrimo novel, let me show it to you. )

ETA: And the cat is looking for something in that methodical 'where did I leave my keys' sort of way. I gave her a cat toy that she took to the other room, but that's apparently not what she was looking for. Cats are dorks.
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I guess the neighbors got their connection fixed? I shouldn't complain, since I'm in their connection, stealin' their bandwidth. lulz

In other news, me and Sis went to the Reptile Expo and I was Strong and didn't buy any new pets. I got a new UVB mercury vapor light for Radar, and some new little buggsies for the dart frogs and moar fruit fly food BUT THAT'S IT! THIS DESPITE THE FATASS BEARDIES CALLING MY NAME! I DON'T HEAR YOU! *plugs ears*

I talked to the guy at Driftwood Frogs (where I got my setup and froggies last time) and he said that the reason my frog tank is EXPLODING with plants is due to the fertilizer from the frogs. I believe it. I have to trim that thing back every month--speaking of which, it's due.

It has also been fucking HOT here, up around 100*F! That's fucking hot for Portland. It's supposed to go down to the 90's tomorrow, and then further down to the 60's sometime next week. We're expecting rain. That's western Oregon for you!

I GOTS A PS3! Yes, I have read the reviews and heard the moaning and bitching, BUT I AM OPTIMISTIC! I even bought it used from Gamestop, so if it busts it better do it with in the next 30 days. I bought Jericho to go with it, and my sister takes one look at the game (which is extremely gory I have to say) and said First Person Shooter, WTF? And needless to say I ran into many a wall and got killed before the first boss battle by some of the enemy's grunts. For someone who's never played a video game before I think I did pretty good, though.

BTW, Sis is becoming a Twilight Lolfan. AND I even saw her reading Fandom Wank when I visited, so I think I'm finally turning her into a little wanka. *sniffs and wipes tear* I'm so proud!
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S/he was fine over weekend, but when i came home yesterday I found him on the bottom of the cage, crashing. I rushed him to the vet, but it was too late. He was gone when I got there. I cried like a baby, which is weird because it wasn't like I was all that attached to him. If it had been one of the cockatiels or Wesley I can see me sobbing like that, but the goddamn budgie...

Maybe it's just that time of the month.

Or maybe it's just that I pride myself on how well I care for my pets, so it fucking hurts when I lose one because I feel like I've failed them as a pet owner. I don't know. I know that it wasn't my fault he had kidney issues, and I know it wasn't his fault for having crappy genetics, but I'm still pretty mad at both of us. I should be mad at all the breeders who breed these guys without thought for their long-term health and longgevity, reducing a bird from a 10-15 year lifespan to 4-6 years. Seriously, if you thought what some dog breeds go through because of puppy-mill breeding was bad, you ain't never seen what generations of color-breeding have done to budgies. DON'T BUY BUDGIES!!

Ichigo, the snake, is still missing and I'm giving up hope on finding him. Radar, my iguana was a total ass to me today, he got up on top of the bookcases and then tail-whipped me several times when I tried to get him down. Finally had to towel him. The frogs are doing well, they've doubled in size since I posted pictures of them, and Spot has lost his spot. Oh well, he's still cute.

Everybody else is doing well. I turned 28 Sunday and feel like crap. Pity me.
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Yesterday as I was cleaning cages I noticed that my budgie was a bit fluffed up and starting to favor his/her right leg again, and had poop stuck to her vent. For one moment all I could think was FUCK, Not Again. Then I looked at the food dishes and realized that I had been feeding them nothing but pellets and veggies for the last couple of days, no seed. The budgie shares a cage with my cockatiels and my other parakeet, a Turquosine, and they all eat pellets fine. I thought my budgie was as well, but birds are fairly good at pretending to eat when they don't like the stuff in the dish. I replaced their pellets with seed and the budgie immediately flew down to the dish and dug in, fending off all comers. S/h/it must have been starving.

Today s/he looks a lot better today, no longer looking fluffy and is perching on his/her 'bad' leg, so I'm hopeful that it was simply a lack of calories that was causing a flare-up. I'm going to keep a close eye on him/her for the next weeks, and s/he starts acting lame on a seed-based diet we're going back the vet. I really hoped that we were over this, but I guess not D:

In other news I got a 92% for last term! WHOOT!!!
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The day before yesterday Radar, my iguana, apparently came in to season, and thus he wants to do exactly two things, and they both start with F. I can actually deal with one of the F's, after all, anyone who's worked with imprinted hormonal essentially-wild animals has had the distinct 'pleasure' of being, um, propositioned. Its the other F, Fight, that's the problem.

Male iguanas in season want to KILL any other male iguana they see, and apparently my pant legs look like another male to him. I was reading a book on my bed and he climbed up, crawled up my leg, and bit, getting only the fabric. He was holding on so hard I couldn't pry him off. I finally stood and walked ot the living room, dragging him along. He leg go and hopped down, and I went back to my book on my bed, waiting to see if he was going to do it again. He did, only worse. I looked up to see him halfway across the room from me, glanced away, and the next instant he was latched onto my other pant leg. Fortunately all he got were my jeans, if he had grabbed me he could have sliced me right down to the bone. Their teeth are small, but very sharp and serrated, like a knife, made to cut through the toughest leaves. He wanted to tear chunks out, he was crocodile-rolling like mad and wouldn't let go even after I stuck my leg in his cage. I finally started dragging him over the bathroom (which contains The Bathtub of Doom) before he let go on his own.

I was very lucky, apparently his aggression was directed at my legs and/or he didn't realize my hands and face were, in fact, part of me, because he let me pick him up and put him away. I'm kinda shaken, I've heard that male iguanas can sometimes do this while they're in season, but I never expected Radar, who was alway so tame and nice for a reptile, to do this. It's fortunate that I'm used to the idea that I can't 'trust' my pets, the way you would trust your dog not to attack you. My critters (aside from my betta) aren't domesticated and therefore they WILL behave like wild animals, because they are.

I took him to the vet yesterday on the basis that you should always go the vet when there's a sudden change in behavior, even though I had a pretty good idea what was wrong. Not surprisingly the diagnosis was he is a healthy Stud Iguana. He's also tripled in weight since the last time I took him in, in '06 he weighed 1 1/2lbs, yesterday he weighed 4, exactly. Apparently the care I'm giving him is a little too good, so he wants to be Boss of the Jungle, kill all the guys and get all the girls. I really hope he calms down soon. Until he does I'm going to have to be very careful, make sure I've got leg/foot protection on, stay standing and alert when he's out of his cage, and probably get a pair of welding gloves so I can handle him if he does start attacking hands.

In other news, my female turquosine parakeet keeps propositioning me. No thanks. Wrong sex, wrong species. My bonded pair of cockatiels (a father/son bonded pair, no less)keep looking for nesting sites, as is, for the first time ever, my conure. At least none of them are propositioning me. Or trying to kill me.

I can't wait for spring to be over.

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As some of you know, when I used the Internet I go to my local Barnes and Noble because I can get wi-fi for a grand total of $19.99/month. I've gotten to know some of the other regulars here fairly well.

Right now I'm sitting next to a guy I call Gun Guy. Gun Guy is a white male in his forties who shows up about once or twice a week, sits down on one of the comfy chairs, and reads through a pile of hunting, gun, and mercenary magazines and books. (Bet you didn't know there were magazines for mercenaries. Yeah, I didn't know either, until I started noticing Gun Guy reading them). He never buys them, just leaves them in a pile beside whatever chair he's sitting in.


In other news, I found one of my plated lizards dead this morning. The guys I keep (pictured in my icon) are native to Madagascar, and are the smallest species of plated lizard. I don't know if I'm going to replace her, or if I'm going to wait for the male to die, then get something else in that cage. Whatever, I had her for about three years, and she was full grown when I adopted her, so I don't know how old she was. It must have been fairly quick, because just three days ago she was pursuing crickets with wild abandon. I feel weird because while I'm not exactly emotionally attached to them, not like I am to my iguana or one of my birds, because of my pseudonym I feel that they are part of my identity, somehow. It's a very strange feeling, needless to say.

I've been writing again, working on the WWII-era Bleach fic involving Rukia, Kaien, Miyako, Byakuya, and Hitsugaya, plus lots and lots of minor characters. It takes place during the Japanese invasion of Naking, and if you know anything about that you probably are currently thinking I'm crazy. Maybe I am. Heh. It's kinda epic.
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I figured out what Ichigo's problem is. No, not the anime guy (he's just terrified of boobies. If Aizen wants to kill him he needs to send an arrancar with a nice rack against him and have her strip mid-fight. Ichigo would drop ded of boobphobia). I mean the other guy I've been posting obsessively about. My baby ball python.

Anyways, as per my last post I was having trouble getting him to eat as he seemed to be having difficulty zeroing in on non-living food. So when I went to get some new crickets for the yet-to-be-named chameleon (odd how some of my pets get names right away, and others that I've had for awhile are nameless), I asked the owner of the House of Reptiles (nice place, if you live in the Portland area and have reptiles I totally recommend them, they as so helpful and knowledgeable!) to give me some dirt mouse betting. I also broke down and bought a pair of feeding tongs, which I feel silly about because I'm not afraid of being bit by him. I put some in Ichigo's cage a couple hours before I fed him, then when I was ready warmed his mouse up in warm water, then scented it with the mouse bedding and did the Happy Mouse Dance holding the ded mouse the the tongs. He sniffed for a couple of seconds, then struck right away! And then ate it. I was so happy. I'm not sure what worked, the mouse bedding or the tongs. The mouse bedding got him ready for fud, obviously, and the tongs put some space between my hand and the mouse, thus giving him a clearer 'view' of the heat source. Before he either didn't realize there was food there because he couldn't smell it, or got confused by this Giant Hand Of Doom waiving a ded mouse around in his face. I don't think I'll ever know.

tea, snake

Oct. 29th, 2007 07:51 pm
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More or less the current topic of conversation. Also, for whatever reason, the Microsoft wireless controller kept kicking me off teh Internets for the last two days. Seriously, I'd have to re-connect every thirty seconds. I have not idea what's wrong, but switching to the Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless (seriously, that's what that program is called) has fixed the connectivity problem, although for whatever reason it takes a couple seconds longer for pages to load. Yeah.

I finally got my order of tea from The Tao of Tea. The kukicha and the green kukicha are sort of mild and slightly woody, which is no surprise. Kukicha is a Japanese tea that is made from the stems of the tea plant, rather then the leaf like every other tea in the universe. Well, the green kukicha did have tea leaves as well as the stems, but it was still mainly stem-y. The green tasted more like a green tea, but the other had a hint of smoke to it. Quite nice, acually. Kukicha is supposed to good for children because of the naturally low caffeine amount. I ordered one ounce of each to figure out if this was something I wanted to keep ordering, and I think I will keep drinking them.

I haven't tried the tea flowers yet. The dried tea flowers come from a region in China where the tea trees are a natural part of an old growth forest (unless I'm getting them confused with another one of my teas). The trees are semi-wild, and are tended and harvested by a local ethnic group. This is only tea region in the world that also harvests the flowers as well as the leaves. I will try it tonight and I may post about it tomorrow. Because you guys all love hearing about my weird tea obsession.

Ichigo, my ball python, after two good meals of prekilled mouse hoppers has decided to not be having anything to do with prekilled no more. At first I thought it was because he was shedding, but he shed last week and he still won't eat. I'm going to try once more tonight, and if he won't eat this one I'm going to have to give him a meal of live. Maybe afterwards I'll try a couple other things I won't talk about because do you guys really want to know the gory details? No, I didn't think so.

On the fanfiction front, I have a rather long story that is, in fact, nearing completion. It looks like it's going to clock in at about 10,000 words, maybe a bit less. Byakuya-centric, it's pretty much about his relationship to his wife and Rukia and how that all interconnects. I probably did a crap job at it, but oh well.
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Yes, yes we CAN!

Ichigo just ate his first prekilled, thawed, and nicely warmed up mouse jumper! Oh, I am so happy. I let it defrost on top of his cage so he could get a good whiff of it, then warmed it up in plastic bag under hot water, held it in front of his nose, got bit (because he could smell the mouse but apparently my hand had a stronger heat signature even after warming it up) peeled him off (his teeth are tiny, but sharp! It didn't hurt at all, but I bled. WTF?) (also, he constricted my thumb, IT WAS SO CUTE!!!), tried again, and this time he grabbed the right thing and 'killed' it. And ate it all up. No losing interest or getting scared of a dead mouse. Next week I will simply be putting the Warm Ded Mouse in the cage with no happy eat me dance.

(BTW, before anyone freaks out, ball pythons get to be 4 to 5 feet long, max. These aren't the huge Killer Snakes the media seems to think all pythons are. They're just about able to killoz a rat, and that's it)

No more buying cute little live feeders for me! I'm weird, frozen/thawed mice are, like, meat. And I LOVE meat (er... admittedly I prefer mine without fur on), but live mice are cute widdle fuzzy almost-pets I want to cuddle. Unless they're wild, in which case they gross me out and need to die. Ahem.

Anyways, happy!
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Okay, so my lovely sister needed to use my computer yesterday, something about how the parent's computer was a piece of shit and wasn't letting her get on a certain site she needed for school. I let her borrow mine, and then remembered that switching between dialup and wi-fi does crazy, crazy things to my computer. I have no idea why. Even reseting all my defaults doesn't work. I think it's Eartlink's Outlook express, actually. When using the wi-fi I don't need it, but I do for dialup. I think when I try to go back to using the wi-fi Earthlink keeps trying to automatically hook up with whatever wi-fi signal is around, and not the one *I* want it to connect to. This results in my computer constantly kicking me off teh Internets until I figure out that Earthlink is trying to hook me up to the restraunt next to the book store, instead of the AT&T hotspot I want. I believe I'm probably banned from RoyalPanda by now. Or at least my computer is.

In other news, Ichigo my new ball python Is Not Pleased with pre-killed prey. Not At All. Yesterday I tried another warmed up defrosted rat pinky, this time scenting it with mouse poo, and the little brat sniffed it for six hours then went back to sleep. Since that was the second week I've had him with out eating, and since he's a baby (eight weeks old now) I had to get him a live mouse hopper today. A mouse hopper is an unweaned (but mobile and very cute) baby mouse. With soft white fur and a wiggly pink nose. That is now SNAKE FOOD. I felt so bad :(

Ichigo is going to get defrosted rat pinky next week again. We are going to be working on EATING PREKILLED, DAMMIT. I prefer to be keeping my snake food in the freezer, not a cage, thank you.


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