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Oct. 29th, 2007 07:51 pm
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More or less the current topic of conversation. Also, for whatever reason, the Microsoft wireless controller kept kicking me off teh Internets for the last two days. Seriously, I'd have to re-connect every thirty seconds. I have not idea what's wrong, but switching to the Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless (seriously, that's what that program is called) has fixed the connectivity problem, although for whatever reason it takes a couple seconds longer for pages to load. Yeah.

I finally got my order of tea from The Tao of Tea. The kukicha and the green kukicha are sort of mild and slightly woody, which is no surprise. Kukicha is a Japanese tea that is made from the stems of the tea plant, rather then the leaf like every other tea in the universe. Well, the green kukicha did have tea leaves as well as the stems, but it was still mainly stem-y. The green tasted more like a green tea, but the other had a hint of smoke to it. Quite nice, acually. Kukicha is supposed to good for children because of the naturally low caffeine amount. I ordered one ounce of each to figure out if this was something I wanted to keep ordering, and I think I will keep drinking them.

I haven't tried the tea flowers yet. The dried tea flowers come from a region in China where the tea trees are a natural part of an old growth forest (unless I'm getting them confused with another one of my teas). The trees are semi-wild, and are tended and harvested by a local ethnic group. This is only tea region in the world that also harvests the flowers as well as the leaves. I will try it tonight and I may post about it tomorrow. Because you guys all love hearing about my weird tea obsession.

Ichigo, my ball python, after two good meals of prekilled mouse hoppers has decided to not be having anything to do with prekilled no more. At first I thought it was because he was shedding, but he shed last week and he still won't eat. I'm going to try once more tonight, and if he won't eat this one I'm going to have to give him a meal of live. Maybe afterwards I'll try a couple other things I won't talk about because do you guys really want to know the gory details? No, I didn't think so.

On the fanfiction front, I have a rather long story that is, in fact, nearing completion. It looks like it's going to clock in at about 10,000 words, maybe a bit less. Byakuya-centric, it's pretty much about his relationship to his wife and Rukia and how that all interconnects. I probably did a crap job at it, but oh well.
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Yes, I do listen to the Shins. I live near Portland, so it is required. Them and the Decemberists.

Last night was, for some reason, really craptacular. Occasionally I go through fits of insomnia, usually stress-induced, but sometimes it just pops up with me actually having any stress to trigger it. Like last night. I didn't even start feeling tired until 3am (which is a great big HUGE warning sign I completely forgot about), and when I finally looked at the clock and thought Hmmm, maybe I should to be trying to sleep, me! and actually put myself to bed, I couldn't fall asleep. Finally, at about 4 am I got up and went for a walk, and oddly, weirdly, kept wanting to throw up. I actually felt drunk, and not in a good way, despite the fact that I ran out of alcohol a week before. Fatigue poisons, probably.

I tend to drink a lot of tea, which probably doesn't help. The tea I drank before bed, though, was Lotus Acien, which is a green Vietnamese tea and should have been fairly low in caffeine. I'm not too fond of herbal teas, but I think I will be switching to Really Low caffeine teas or try to find some herbals that I like for evening drinking.

Naturally this just gives me more excuses to order teas from the Tao of Tea. Yes folks, I am such a tea-geek I order it. Online, no less.

Went to bed at five in the morning. Woke up at one in the afternoon. I feel like I'm turning into a fucking vampire. I would have slept in more, but the birds were screaming at me and the iguana wanted Food, and by the time I had everybody fed and cleaned up after I was well and truly awake.

The Boston Globe has a nice article about fanfiction http://www.boston.com/ae/books/articles/2007/10/16/the_new_adventures_of_old_skywalker/ It's nice because it's actually balanced and not at all 'look at what those weird geeks are doing.' What has me really squeeing, though, is the fact that Naomi Novik's Temeraire series (it's basically about what would happen if there were dragons during Waterloo and Napoleon's invasion of Europe, and it fucking rocks. I want a dragon like Temeraire!) got purchased by Peter Jackson (well, the movie rights). It would be so fucking cool if it became a movie, or a series of movies.


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