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Or should I say "kitten".

It's actually a stuffed toy border collie that's roughly a quarter her size, and she carries it around like a kitten, moving it from nesting-site to nesting-site when she isn't killing it like a rat. It's covered in cat-slobber (bet you didn't know they slobber, well THEY DO) and it's now looking at me pathetically from the floor after she finished it killing it.

My ipod is dead, and I killed it. I can fix it, I have the parts, but I don't have a phillips screwdriver that's small enough. So I'm listening to the radio and while I like 94.7 FM I HATE HATE HATE the stupid don't smoke pot PSAs. I'm halfway tempted to go out and find some weed JUST SO I CAN SPITE THOSE PSAs! Did I mention that I hate them? I hate them. They're all POT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE which even I, who have never smoked ANYTHING in my entire life, know isn't true. Plenty of middle class people with nice jobs smoke pot. SO FUCKING THERE.

And yes, I did just finish my third beer for the evening.

And I'm going on a diet. And by diet I mean 'eat one meal a day'. If I have my meal in the late afternoon I don't actually eat more at that meal then I would normally, and I avoid eating other calories. I know I'm going to hear from someone about how "breakfast is the most important meal" or somesuch bullshit, but the fact is if I wait until about a four o'clock to have my first (and only, not counting the alcohol) meal of the day the result hunger-wise is the same... and no, I don't gorge. In fact I ended up throwing food away yesterday. If I keep this up hopefully I'll actually lose weight for once. When I was in Hawaii this is pretty much how I lost weight. Coffee in the morning (then, I can't drink it now), veggies at lunch, and a Real Meal at dinner, plus all the alcohol I could drink. I lost 30 lbs in six months and only gained it all back after I tried to have a "normal" diet. Bah. Fuck three meals a day. I DON'T FUCKING NEED THAT.

Oh, and fic recs for Naruto:

Embracing Dreams AU that takes place in the X-man universe. Yeah, think that one through. Everybody's more fucked up then usual, and it's fucking awesome. Naruto/Sasuke, Kakashi/Iruka (this seems to be a common default ship for the fandom, basically if Kakashi isn't being shipped with anyone else you can assume he's being shipped with Iruka. Hi-fucking-larious)

Disadvantaged Children Another AU, and WOW is Naruto (and everyone else) really screwed up. Basically what would happen if this whole thing had taken place in this universe and if Iruka had intervened much later in Naruto's life. I was fucking crying at points.

Conviction Post-series. Sasuke/Naruto. Just fucking read it. It's awesome.

Oranges AU? If I say more I might spoil it. Short but sweet.


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