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Been awhile.

Yes. MLP:FiM really is this awesome.

I mean, we are talking about a show that has GIANT SPACE BEARS.

This is not my childhood's MLP. Oh No. This is about a million times more awesome.

Also, I have a new favorite band. Ego Fall.

Ego Fall (also known as Against Me) came out of the punk rock scene in Inner Mongolia. Which really says it all about them.

They combine trash metal with a lot of traditional elements. In this video you can hear them using Mongolian Throat Singing as well as traditional instruments.
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I'm post from my phone so no links, maybe I'll edit them in later. But anyway. I really hate stories in which Naruto has no middle gears. You know, thise gears that tell you that, say, having sex with someone without their express permission is a Bad Thing. I just walked away from a 55 chapter story at chapter 46 because in it Naruto totally just raped a girl and didn't even have a fucking clue that maybe he had done something wrong. Oh yeah, he was a protagonist for this story. There were a lot of really borderline things in the story that I ignored because I wanted to find out what happened to the kid Sasuke (and his brother omg I said this story was borderline) had, but now? I don't care. When Sasuke starts looking like a model of sanity in your story despite seducing his brother to kill him and bearing his child, and having his personality disintegrate, something is seriously wrong.

Yeah. This was supposed to be one of those MegaDark stories, but there's such a thing as too dark, you know? It really felt like the author was throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. But there are other ways to make something Dark then have the 'hero' get so horny from fighting that he rapes a teammate and has no fucking clue had done anything wrong. I mean seriously. What the fuck.

I guess I should have listened to my gut instinct and walked away from the story when it was revealed that Kakashi had sex with Sasuke when he was 12. (BTW Biiiiig hypocrisy there: Naruto totally flipped his shit over that)


I totally meant to rant about something else as well, but now I can't remember what it was. Other then to ask how the hell The Great Lakes Myth Society could have put out such an aweful album after their first awesome one. WTF. The main reason I liked their first albulm is just how genuine it sounded, not polished to perfection. Too many artists these days make their beats perfect and tweak their music to the point that if you listen to them live they're almost unrecognizable from their recodings. But no, what made their first album awesome was completely stripped awy in the second. The violins in the first sound real, they don't in the second. I like violins and I listen for them, but I hate hate hate it when they are fakes.


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