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The girls in my class are so fucking immature. Dear God, it's like being back in Junior High, not even high school. I'm 28, not ancient, but definitely too old for this shit. Jesus.

Okay, classic example. For some goddamned reason when we go on our 20 minute break between Lecture and Lab everyone head over to the Dental Lab, to study. (me? I TAKE MY FUCKING BREAK. I think better when I've eaten something and gotten a bit more caffeine in me, as my grades in Lab can attest) Problem is, there's another class that is usually in there as well. They're in the back-half of the program, in their final term getting ready for some major tests to become certified and all that shit. The other class has a lot to do in the back-half, because of that they tend to stay in Lab a bit longer then we do in Lecture, and the don't always get around to doing cleanup, and sometimes groups of them have to come in during our class to work on their shit to get everything done, AND WE ALL FUCKING KNOW THIS! So why, oh WHY, does my class feel like they have a RIGHT to just barge in and get pissy when the other class doesn't move out fast enough? Frankly I sure as hell hope that the class coming up behind US is polite enough to fucking wait until we're done before they come barging in. Jesus. I said as much when everyone was bitching about how 'rude' the other class (um, you guys were REALLY RUDE first, so I'm not surprised they got rude to YOU. Duh), and then I said that when we're in the back-half the class gets pissed when the class in the front-half barges in I, personally, will laugh. Of course the biggest offender immediately said 'but I won't do that!', which, um, YOU WILL, BITCH. You so will.

In other news I'm back at the bookstore because my highjacked connection at home comes and goes., and it looks like a fucking zoo in here. Some kind of signing for a kids book. Not Harry Potter (actually I don't even want to THINK about JKR doing a signing here), but some other kid's fantasy. Not what I wanted, but I just turned my iPod waaay up and I can mostly tune it out.
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As some of you know, when I used the Internet I go to my local Barnes and Noble because I can get wi-fi for a grand total of $19.99/month. I've gotten to know some of the other regulars here fairly well.

Right now I'm sitting next to a guy I call Gun Guy. Gun Guy is a white male in his forties who shows up about once or twice a week, sits down on one of the comfy chairs, and reads through a pile of hunting, gun, and mercenary magazines and books. (Bet you didn't know there were magazines for mercenaries. Yeah, I didn't know either, until I started noticing Gun Guy reading them). He never buys them, just leaves them in a pile beside whatever chair he's sitting in.


In other news, I found one of my plated lizards dead this morning. The guys I keep (pictured in my icon) are native to Madagascar, and are the smallest species of plated lizard. I don't know if I'm going to replace her, or if I'm going to wait for the male to die, then get something else in that cage. Whatever, I had her for about three years, and she was full grown when I adopted her, so I don't know how old she was. It must have been fairly quick, because just three days ago she was pursuing crickets with wild abandon. I feel weird because while I'm not exactly emotionally attached to them, not like I am to my iguana or one of my birds, because of my pseudonym I feel that they are part of my identity, somehow. It's a very strange feeling, needless to say.

I've been writing again, working on the WWII-era Bleach fic involving Rukia, Kaien, Miyako, Byakuya, and Hitsugaya, plus lots and lots of minor characters. It takes place during the Japanese invasion of Naking, and if you know anything about that you probably are currently thinking I'm crazy. Maybe I am. Heh. It's kinda epic.


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