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After the second one was made private without an answer. I am fully aware that I am probably being an unreasonable bitch, but really, you'd think that a PAID ACCOUNT member would warrant and answer (even a 'no, we're not going to change the homepage back and your paid account can suck it' would be nicer then making the request private and not answering my questions).

I've also decided to let other people who have complained about the same thing know that other support requests are being made private. Because I AM a bitch. I know of at least two support requests that were perfectly non-bitchy (and not mine) that have been made private. So yeah.

Oh, and I'm really starting to hate ONTD. That community can die of AIDS and cancer for all I care. And this is coming from an occasional /b/tard.

Oh yay

Jul. 3rd, 2010 02:51 pm
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Sent in another support request to good ole LJ about getting ONTD off the fucking homepage, this one considerably bitchier then the last. Especially after i read a similar support request from a person with SEIZURE DISORDER who was, surprise surprise, having problems with those fucking obnoxious icons the denizens of ONTD use. The 'answer' to that was is to use MyJournal, by the way. Never mind that the homepage is where you get sent upon logging in.

Normally I don't care when LJ pulls this kind of shit, but this time it's really pissing me off.
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Maybe it's just a little thing, but when I make a polite service request *cough*complaint*cough* to get ONTD off my homepage I didn't expect that LiveJournal would immediately make the request private. I'm a paid user over there, and while I know better then to ask the sun and the moon, that doesn't mean it's entirely unreasonable for me to ask that a page i have PAID for not be cluttered with a community that I rather dislike. Even if it's a page I don't use all that much, it's still something I've PAID FOR. Sweeping my request under the rug is a little weird, you know?

And yes. I took screencaps.

Anyways, DW's free account features are superior to LJ's paid account features (ability to import content! nesting cuttags! No ads! ONTD being a mere shadow of itself!), so I made the switch. Never fear, LiveJournal friends, I'll be crossposting and using OpenID to comment, so it's not like I've disappeared into the aether.


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