Nov. 9th, 2010 09:56 am
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Man, I wish I could crosspost to JF, but something's messed up on JF's end and I don't think they're going to ever fix it. DW is certainly the nicer system. Which is why I have a paid account here and not there I guess.

Anyway. This year I'm basically doing anything I can to make word cout for Nano, which beyond just writing random crap apparently means writing two completely different stories. Both Naruto fanfic, one canon-verse, the other a crossover with Sharon Shinn's Archangel series. So yeah. Naruto, with fucking angels. I don't know which one to stick with.

I'll post some snippets when I'm done tday, I think.

In other news my grandfather is the sort of hoarder who loses 10-20 bars of pure platinum in one of his many storage units. So yeah.
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I don't know if I should post this to [ profile] chuunin because it's from and OC's POV, which embarrasses me slightly. So I guess I'll post it here and see if anyone on my limited friendslist is interested in reading it.

First Chapter

There‚Äôs blood on the deck and blood in the rigging. )
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I guess the neighbors got their connection fixed? I shouldn't complain, since I'm in their connection, stealin' their bandwidth. lulz

In other news, me and Sis went to the Reptile Expo and I was Strong and didn't buy any new pets. I got a new UVB mercury vapor light for Radar, and some new little buggsies for the dart frogs and moar fruit fly food BUT THAT'S IT! THIS DESPITE THE FATASS BEARDIES CALLING MY NAME! I DON'T HEAR YOU! *plugs ears*

I talked to the guy at Driftwood Frogs (where I got my setup and froggies last time) and he said that the reason my frog tank is EXPLODING with plants is due to the fertilizer from the frogs. I believe it. I have to trim that thing back every month--speaking of which, it's due.

It has also been fucking HOT here, up around 100*F! That's fucking hot for Portland. It's supposed to go down to the 90's tomorrow, and then further down to the 60's sometime next week. We're expecting rain. That's western Oregon for you!

I GOTS A PS3! Yes, I have read the reviews and heard the moaning and bitching, BUT I AM OPTIMISTIC! I even bought it used from Gamestop, so if it busts it better do it with in the next 30 days. I bought Jericho to go with it, and my sister takes one look at the game (which is extremely gory I have to say) and said First Person Shooter, WTF? And needless to say I ran into many a wall and got killed before the first boss battle by some of the enemy's grunts. For someone who's never played a video game before I think I did pretty good, though.

BTW, Sis is becoming a Twilight Lolfan. AND I even saw her reading Fandom Wank when I visited, so I think I'm finally turning her into a little wanka. *sniffs and wipes tear* I'm so proud!


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