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A/N: A little something that has been percolating through my tiny mind. I'm sure my parents will see where this is coming from. In this series I'm going to be blogging as if I am a couple characters--haven't decided on their names yet, so if you have any ideas feel free to give them to me.


did I ever mention how much I hate crawl spaces? it's insane. They are really just the empty spaces underneath houses, where all the stuff that used to exist inside a house now resides. rats. Rat poop. cat poop (because the cats tend to view any area of dry and somewhat loose earth as one giant litter box) plumbing. electrical work. Weird bits of ancient masonry and terrifying post-and-block construction (seriously, if you own a house go under it and look at the pillars and foundation, and if it doesn't look scary either you don't know what to look for or your house is under thirty years old)

dead children.

I fucking hate crawlspaces )

Yeah, crawlspaces freak me the fuck out. I have to spend time in them (doing insulation, seismic retrofit, et, remind me to tell you guys about the time I nearly fucking DIED in a crawlspace). I always expect to find the most horrible things in them. What I usually find is showers of rat poop. OMG, don't get me started on the rat poop. :(

There will be more story to come.
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I will soooo be there. I probably won't be hired. But who cares. I want to go! And if I don't go I will have 0 chance of spending 6 to 10 months in sub-zero weather working six to seven day weeks with no time off or weekends.


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My God, the pet section of Portland Craigslist is full of WTF today.

Special Baby wallaby for adoption

hermaphrodite cat named PIG needs home
This one gets me, they're getting rid of the cat because they have a second baby on the way and money is tight. Cats do not cost that much to care for! Even when they are fed premium food. Once they are fixed (which doesn't sound like a problem in this case) they're pretty cheap. People who get rid of pets because they're having a baby piss me off.

and oh yeah, they're advertising him a Craigslist, how much you want to bet he'll go to a weirdo?

I'm going to give this rabbit about two weeks before it's dumped beside a busy road.
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Changing email accounts again. Apparently Yahoo!mail wants me to spend $19/year or whatever in order to send my email to an email client. This is bothersome. Gmail is free. So all my accounts will now be on Gmail. Yay.
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Clickie clickie

Basically I uploaded everything that I had on my computer to Google Docs. Most of the stuff posted is unfinished/work in progress. Some of it is homework. That way when this computer dies it won't take out all my hard work. Feel free to read to comment if you like, but no stealing.
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Been awhile.

Yes. MLP:FiM really is this awesome.

I mean, we are talking about a show that has GIANT SPACE BEARS.

This is not my childhood's MLP. Oh No. This is about a million times more awesome.

Also, I have a new favorite band. Ego Fall.

Ego Fall (also known as Against Me) came out of the punk rock scene in Inner Mongolia. Which really says it all about them.

They combine trash metal with a lot of traditional elements. In this video you can hear them using Mongolian Throat Singing as well as traditional instruments.
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FBI thrawts Terrorist Bombing.

Right next to Pioneer Courthouse Square on 6th and Yamhill. WTF

What. The. Fuck.

That's a fucking bus-mall. You can't park there! And trying to blow up all those people there for the tree-lighting ceremony. WTF
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I'm going to take Writing 122 next term, and I feeling petty and shallow as to my reasons. I need the class, yes. There is no question about that, so taking it next term is a good idea. That's not why I'm being shallow.

I'm being shallow because the class I want to take is being taught by Caroline Le Guin. Daughter of Ursula Le Guin.

I've never read anything by Caroline before, although perhaps I should. I like her mother's stuff well enough, although I have by no means read everything. I just feel... I dunno. Reflected hero-worship? It's stupid anyways, but if I don't take a class from her I will probably kick myself forever. Maybe she'll get her mom to come in and give us a lecture one day! (probably not, but I can hope)

In other news I can sign up for Winter Term starting Friday, and this time I will be on the ball and online signing up for the classes I want at seven AM on the dot. I am only going to sign up for two challenging classes (WR 122 will be one) and an interesting but not too challenging class (Chinese Literature maybe? It's being taught by my favorite teacher!) and one, maybe two fitness classes since I've been slacking off.

Not sure what my other classes should be. I decided that I really am not cut out for the sciences. I really don't like all the math and feeling stupid all the time. I like science but recreationally, that is, I like going out with Dad to find rocks and I like fossils and things like that, but I don't like figuring out who gets the fucking electron and what the wavelengths different colors of light are mathematically and how they interact with atoms BECAUSE I DON'T FUCKING CARE OMG and the last thing I want to do is spend six terms on this stuff. So English Major it is, even if I NEVER get a job as an English Major and instead do something else.
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Oh Fark.

In a thread for a news story about a guy who kidnapped a 13 year old girl and kept her bound and gagged in his basement for five days and probably slaughtered her family and friend (they are still missing) what are most of the comments about?

Recipes for squirrel.
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I went to B&N yesterday looking for Bird by Bird, and found not only that but three new books by two of my favorite authors. A new Valdemar book and a book of three novellas by Mercedes Lackey (including a new Diana Tregard story!) and a new one by Sharon Shinn. Autobuys in other words.

I read the Valdemar book last night, and early morning hehe. It wasn't her best in that world, although not her worst.(By the Sword is probably her best Valdemar novel, the Owl Flight series by far her worst) I would say that it's about as good as Arrows of the Queen and seems to deal with some of the same issues... definitely a bit juvenile. But whatever, it's Valdemar! There are pretty white talking horses! Yay!

One funny thing, the main character is drafted to be on a team for a new game that's like part capture the flag, part polo, and part Crucible (BTW, Sis actually like the Crucible... the drill sergeants don't yell at you during it and are instead rather helpful. Oh, and one of Sis's battalion-mates did the whole thing on two broken feet). Anyway, the team captian? A rather spunky girl named Gennie. Who wanted to name the team 'Gennie's Gryphons'. And the team color is red.


Mercedes Lackey, I realize you are a massive Harry Potter fangirl, but really? REALLY?

At least Harry, Ron, and Hermione weren't there. Unless Pip is someone we're supposed to know.
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And yes, the Black Jewels Trilogy really is as bad as that review makes it out to be. If anything, it's worse.

Also, get a look at the flamewar in the comments. Unfunny_fandom material for sure if it wasn't so old.


Nov. 9th, 2010 09:56 am
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Man, I wish I could crosspost to JF, but something's messed up on JF's end and I don't think they're going to ever fix it. DW is certainly the nicer system. Which is why I have a paid account here and not there I guess.

Anyway. This year I'm basically doing anything I can to make word cout for Nano, which beyond just writing random crap apparently means writing two completely different stories. Both Naruto fanfic, one canon-verse, the other a crossover with Sharon Shinn's Archangel series. So yeah. Naruto, with fucking angels. I don't know which one to stick with.

I'll post some snippets when I'm done tday, I think.

In other news my grandfather is the sort of hoarder who loses 10-20 bars of pure platinum in one of his many storage units. So yeah.
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I'm post from my phone so no links, maybe I'll edit them in later. But anyway. I really hate stories in which Naruto has no middle gears. You know, thise gears that tell you that, say, having sex with someone without their express permission is a Bad Thing. I just walked away from a 55 chapter story at chapter 46 because in it Naruto totally just raped a girl and didn't even have a fucking clue that maybe he had done something wrong. Oh yeah, he was a protagonist for this story. There were a lot of really borderline things in the story that I ignored because I wanted to find out what happened to the kid Sasuke (and his brother omg I said this story was borderline) had, but now? I don't care. When Sasuke starts looking like a model of sanity in your story despite seducing his brother to kill him and bearing his child, and having his personality disintegrate, something is seriously wrong.

Yeah. This was supposed to be one of those MegaDark stories, but there's such a thing as too dark, you know? It really felt like the author was throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. But there are other ways to make something Dark then have the 'hero' get so horny from fighting that he rapes a teammate and has no fucking clue had done anything wrong. I mean seriously. What the fuck.

I guess I should have listened to my gut instinct and walked away from the story when it was revealed that Kakashi had sex with Sasuke when he was 12. (BTW Biiiiig hypocrisy there: Naruto totally flipped his shit over that)


I totally meant to rant about something else as well, but now I can't remember what it was. Other then to ask how the hell The Great Lakes Myth Society could have put out such an aweful album after their first awesome one. WTF. The main reason I liked their first albulm is just how genuine it sounded, not polished to perfection. Too many artists these days make their beats perfect and tweak their music to the point that if you listen to them live they're almost unrecognizable from their recodings. But no, what made their first album awesome was completely stripped awy in the second. The violins in the first sound real, they don't in the second. I like violins and I listen for them, but I hate hate hate it when they are fakes.
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and I donated a free paid month to a random person. So, if they read this, you were totally random but I felt like spreading the love. *yay I'm a slightly drunk GOOD PERSON* *orders more beer*

In other news I have somewhat gotten over my huff with ELJAY, but I am disabling commenting on my livejournal. If you want to comment on something I have written you can comment with OpenID or as annoymouse on my journal at DW, link at the bottom of this post. If you want a free account I have codes that I would be happy to hand out.
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So, apparently the only 'generic' holidays we are allowed to have are Christian.

I mean, FSM forbid I dig up a Budhist or Hindu dragon or tree-related holiday to suggest a goddamn sprite for. No. Christmas, St. Valentines, and that Easter Festival of the Eggs thing were okay because 'everyone' celebrates them due to how commercialized they are so it isn't offensive (really? REALLY?!), but a non-Christian holiday is somehow horrible and would offend everyone.

I know what, here's a brilliant idea, why don't we either GET RID OF ALL religious holidays on Dragon Cave, OR celebrate a couple holidays from all the major religions.

But FSM forbid I suggest such a thing.
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Fall Term start today, and I think I was so excited last night that I had a hard time falling asleep...then staying asleep...and for the first time in months my cat insisted on sleeping with me... I think I got about 3 hours of sleep all told.

And then this morning I did my p90X (back, shoulders, and biceps). So, an hour lifting weights. Then I went to school and bought my books and hauled the ones I don't need out to the car today. I think altogether they weighed well over 50lbs since I'm taking Bio and Chemo this term.

In other news, my dad found what looks like a seed, possibly from a palm tree, in a concretion that was from a Jurassic era deposit that he collected. It has a hard outer shell and several membranes and layers on the inside, a bit like a hazel nut (although definitely not a hazel, those types of trees show up muuuuch later). This is kind of exciting, seeds and nuts are from flowering trees, which supposedly don't appear until the Cretaceous. The folks at NARG were very exited when he showed it to them. He's going to send it off to a couple paleobotonists for a solid ID. He's been pulling up all sorts of interesting finds in the area he found the concretion, including a chunk of carbonized (but not mineralized) Norfork Pine/Cedar (no way to tell for sure which it is) which is one the oldest plant fossils found in the State of Oregon. The seed was found with a bunch of driftwood, so where it originally grew is anybody's guess.

Holy crap.

Sep. 9th, 2010 09:02 pm
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A neighbor hood in San Bruno just exploded. 24 in Natural Gas pipeline just blew up. 35-45 houses burned. A whole block of houses nothing but ash. The fire dept. is calling it a 6 alarm fire. I had no idea it went that high.

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I bought too many jalapenos and purple cauliflower at the farmers market. So I pickled them. Together. With garlic.

*crosses fingers*


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