Nov. 13th, 2011 07:10 pm
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Moved the ten gallon planted tank yesterday from the metal rack by the window to my dresser. It's sitting next to my betta breeding tank now. My male breeder has been very bad and refuses to make a bubble nest. I put the female in with him for a few days to try to inspire him, but all that resulted was domestic violence. So, she's back in the ten gallon to heal up. I tossed some extra java ferns into the breeder tank, so hopefully the extra cover will make things easier next time.

Annnd I made an impulse buy the other day, and got a Petsmart betta for my vase. It looks really nice, if I do say so myself. I tried to give him a mini heater, but even the little ones they make for betta tanks over-heated it. No damage done, but good think I was keeping track of it. This one is a light blue 'dragon scale'. I think I'll call him Little Boy Blue. Still not sure what to call the other two.

Moved the last two cardinal tetras to from the shrimp tank to the ten gallon with the others. Took me over a hour, the stinkers are great at hiding. Anyway, they're back with their school, so hopefully they won't be spending all their time hiding.

The endler's livebearers have spawned several times. There's tons of fry in the shrimp tank.

I'll take some pictures eventually. I'm really proud of my tanks. They look a bit messy because I'm not big into aquascaping (my approach to planted aquariums is to throw a bunch of stuff in there and see what survives, which is usually everything), but i don't care. I think they actually look more natural then some of the aquascaped ones, how many stream beds have you seen that look like a landscape?


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