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Y yes, yes I can haz.

And her name is Amelia.

Me and Dad found her last weekend in Eastern Oregon. We are working with a professor at Oregon State University to get her excavated, hopefully this September. She might be a fairly complete skeleton... it depends on how much of her is in the talus slope and how much got shoved under the road when they made the roadcut we found her in.

Pictures of my new baby under the cut.

Cross section of a vertebra. Look at the size of that spike on top! Imagine the size of the muscles that attached there!

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Toe bone, we think. It's in the parent rock, which was left in situ for the excavation.

Image Hosted by

Part of what we think is a leg bone.

Me and Amelia. Ain't she the best thing ever?

We also went to a gravel quarry. This paticular quarry was the first place Sabertooth Salmon had been discovered. My dad found one about a month ago and had already arrainged to have another paleontologist come out with his grad students in August to get it. Well, apparently finding a Mysterious Aquatic Reptile from the Triassic Period wasn't enough for me, because I found a second salmon!

lookit the vertebra. lookit.

Shards of head bones, possibly gill-covers, from the one Dad found.

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Me and dad are going to try for a Mastodon next.


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